Zoobookoo United Kingdom Facts and Figures Cubebook


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Learning has never been more fun! Let your little one loose with the Zoobookoo United Kingdom Facts and Figures Cubebook- it teaches your child all about our wonderful sceptred isle in a fun, novel way! The cube has been covered in colourful maps, flags, facts about mountains, populations, flags, counties, governments and more!Provides information in bitesize chunks to avoid overloadingTactile, fun design to keep kids interestedPortable design for ease of use- great for the classroom, home or elsewhere!Follow the arrows and turn the cube as they learn- the Cubebook has been designed to give your child bitesize chunks of information which aids them in learning rather than overloading them with information. In a special tactile format, the cube will intrigue enquiring minds and promote skills they need. It’s suitable for children aged 8 years and above. The cube can be opened to reveal further information on the inside- there is so much useful information that children and adults alike will find it tricky to put down!