Zazu Musical Sleep Toy – Don The Donkey, Grey


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Does your baby settle with you, then as soon as you put them in their cot they wake up? The Zazu Musical Sleep Toy can help. The toy is super soft to touch, and babies adore them as comforters.If you shake the toy, it will play one of 6 soothing sounds to relax your infant, either a heartbeat or waterfall or any of 4 gentle melodies. It’s also voice activated: so if your little one should wake up, the toy will activate and play soothing sounds once again to help them drift off. The toy has an auto shut-off, so after 10 minutes the sound will automatically fade and switch off. The volume is adjustable as required.The sound module inside the toy is removable, and when this has been taken out the toy is fully machine washable. It is battery powered and requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).