XL muslin cloth, swaddling blanket, nursing cover made with organic cotton and dyed naturally pink, tie dye , pink shibori


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Baby swaddle blanket 120 x 120 cm This is a large muslin square made with organic fairtrade cotton, dyed naturally pink with white circles using avocado skins and stones. No chemicals used. This is a great piece of kit to own with a baby, its a very versatile muslin that can be used for swaddling, as a cover for the pram or bed, as a nursing scarf or for mopping up blurps ­čÖé Makes a perfect eco baby shower gift. Its really light and soft as well as airy. Can be washed in the washing machine up to 60 C, best to wash it on 30/40 for the longevity of the colours. Avoid acidic foods citrus , tomatoes etc. The process: I presoak the fabric in soy milk to mordant it prior to dyeing. The theory is that the protein in the soy beans will transfer to the fabric and help with absorbing the dyes. I found that soy milk mordanted fabric usually goes a shade deeper than non mordanted fabric. Once the soy milk is fixed after a week or so I start to dye. Avocados: I use dried skins and stones and gently heat them up in a large pan of water. For best results this is done slowly over a couple of days. I add the fabric and let it sit until I am happy with the colour results. Adding iron (rusty water) turns the pink dye purple. Tea: I boil tea bags in a large pan to get brown. I then add iron which turns the tea black. The first bits of fabric immersed in the pot will be black and after that Ill obtain greys as the pigments are being used up. Onions: I use dried red onion skins. I boil them up in a large pan of water until the colour is a deep red. Ill get light browns and reds and then green/khaki shades by adding iron.