XL fleece soaker, nappy cover, various designs of fleece


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This listing is for an XL fleece soaker with the following dimensions: XL: rise 20.5, waist 1920.5, thigh 1112 (around 1224 months) Please get in touch if you are unsure on which size you need. Fleece nappy covers, also known as fleece soakers, are great for periods of extended wear, because the fleece is very breathable, more so than PUL. The covers I sew are made with polar fleece, which is water resistant, so as long as the nappy underneath is absorbent enough for the child wearing it, it will act as a water resistant barrier on top of the nappy. There is a double layer of fleece in the wet zone where the most water resistance is needed. We also love this kind of fleece cover because the leg and waist trim is also made of fleece, and therefore is lovely and soft against the childs skin, perfect for periods of extended wear. And the lack of fastenings mean its hard for my toddler to pull it off himself. Waist and leg cuffs, as well as the internal wetzone layer, consist of a plain coloured fleece. The other sizes available to order are as follows (please contact me if you need any advice on this): Small: rise 15, waist 1315, thigh 78 Medium: rise 17, waist 1517, thigh 910 Large: rise 19, waist 1719, thigh 1011 XL: rise 20.5, waist 1920.5, thigh 1112 XXL: rise 22, waist 2022.5, thigh 1213 XXXL: rise 23.5, waist 2224.5, thigh 1314 I also make fleece wraps, which are birth to potty size, and have elasticated legs and waist. Please see the separate listing in my shop.