WOW Toys George’s Dragon Tale, Green,Grey,Red


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Can you really tame a dragon? Well, George can. After a terrible fight, they’ve made up and became friends, indeed- the dragon has agreed to be George’s noble steed, it seems. The WOW Toys George’s Dragon Tale set features brave George and his dragon buddy as they take the chariot to their next siege!With a large, rattling boulder positioned atop the castle-themed chariot, you can simply pull the lever to fire the boulder from the catapult- it flies over the head of George and the dragon, smashing anything in its way! When the chariot is pushed, it makes a soft clippety-clop sound- unusual for a dragon, granted, but it adds to the fun. Let their imagination run wild and create your own legends!This set includes the chariot, figures and accessory. The dimensions are: L23.5 x H14.1 x 9.8cmAs with the rest of the WOW Toys range, this colourful toy is engaging, with bright colours, multiple textures and sound to help encourage the development of motor skills and inspire their imagination and creative role play. It is easy to clean and the figures are dishwasher safe if required, and of course battery free! WOW Toys offer a generous 5-year guarantee.Fantasy dragon-pulled chariot with catapult setSuitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years oldNo batteries requiredBPA-free, PVC-free and no small parts or toxic paintEasy to clean, dishwasher safe