WOW Toys Construction Crew Double Pack, Blue,Grey,Red,Yellow


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Team up two of the fantastic WOW construction sets and you get the fantastic WOW Toys Construction Crew! A double pack of building fun for your little one to help keep the city safe. The set includes Lift-It Luke the digger and Roll-It Riley, two brilliant machines that help bring playtime to life.Roll-It Riley is a steam-roller toy which has a friction powered engine that makes realistic engine sounds as he is pushed along, and makes rattling sounds as the roller turns too. The friendly construction worker in the set fits perfectly into the cab to drive him around the construction site and ensure that the job gets done. Riley has different funny facial expressions and two halves of the roller spin independently for mix-and-match fun!In the Lift-It Luke set, the builder can be removed from the cab for independent play, and the friction powered digger makes realistic engine sounds too as it’s pushed along. The front bucket is easy to lift, with an arm to assist which locks into place in the upright position as requires. Lift the included boulder accessory and move it with the digger.This set includes the vehicles, figures and accessories. The dimensions of the pack are: 53 x 18.5 x 12.5cmAs with the rest of the WOW Toys range, this colourful toy is engaging, with bright colours, multiple textures and sound to help encourage the development of motor skills and inspire their imagination and creative role play. It is easy to clean and the figures are dishwasher safe if required, and of course battery free! WOW Toys offer a generous 5-year guarantee.Double pack of construction-themed playsetsSuitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years oldNo batteries requiredBPA-free, PVC-free and no small parts or toxic paintEasy to clean, dishwasher safe