Wool nappy liner / diaper insert / wool booster/ washable reusable liner /wool doubler /cloth nappy


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These clever little liners can be used in any nappy (even a disposable) as a stay dry absorbent layer either next to babys skin to catch urine and solids, or between the absorbent layer and the cover. Because they are made from wool, they are 100% natural and can help heal and prevent nappy rash. Thanks to wools amazing antibacterial properties, they do not need washing inbetween uses, just airdry and reuse. Wool is a better choice than fleece as a reusable nappy liner because it does not harbour bacteria or smells, and is naturally breathable. Next to babys skin, it is kinder than synthetic fabrics. These liners have been specially felted for softness. Colours and size: Size approx 12 x 25cm (5×10) which will fit in most nappies (cloth or disposable), including dropflap nappies. Colours vary mostly pale/light colours. Larger packs will include darker colours also. Care and washing: The wool is preshrunk and lightly felted so you can wash these up to 60 degrees with your regular nappies. They are also suitable for lanolising, which will help keep it smelling fresher for longer between washes. Other information: Please note that because these liners are made from a 100% natural product, minor colour variation may occur. Visit me at littlebunnybear.com for more info, advice and DIY ideas. How is it made? Sweatshopfree and ethically manufactured in the UK, the wool is sourced from a local charity sale. It is cleaned, felted, handcut to size and finished with a durable edging for everyday use. Did you know? Little Bunny Bear donates 10% of the value you pay for each item to charity. Through upcycling, Little Bunny Bear helps you generate money for charities and local independent businesses, thereby giving back to the community. By avoiding plastic , I help you make environmentally responsible choices. So your support and purchases make a difference!