Wool Care Solid Lanolin Nappy Cover, Diaper Cover, Soaker, Woolly care.


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Solid lanolin used to care for woolies. Lanolin is natural wool wax which creates the water repelling/evaporation magic of wool nappy covers. Available in 50g and 100g containers. At this time all lanolin sold here is natural unscented lanolin. However, a few scents are on the horizon ­čÖé Washing/ Lanolising Instructions When your woolly becomes less water resistant or whiffy after airing it is time to wash/lanolise. Fill sink with lukewarm water and add a squirt of baby wash or wool wash. Soak woolly for 1020 minutes then drain water and refill sink with lukewarm water for lanolising. Gently squeeze water from woolly and set to the side. In a separate heat resistant container add a half tablespoon lanolin, squirt of baby wash, then fill with hot kettle water and stir until mixture becomes cloudy. Pour lanolin combination into sink and mix with lukewarm water. Just enough water to cover woolly. Soak woolly in lanolin for at least 4 hours. Best overnight. Squeeze out water from woolly and either roll in a towel to remove excess water or put in wash machine on spin cycle. Hang to dry. Viola!