Witty Doodle Underwater Wall Stickers


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Witty Doodle is the first & only stimulating nursery wall art specially designed to boost baby’s brain power and learning abilities. Improves memory and learning Stimulates curiosity and interest Enhances focusCalms babies Every design features our Unique Combination of the 6 key scientifically proven, visually stimulating elements: Black and white motifs provide powerful visual stimulation that promotes curiosityRepeating patterns help babies develop memory and prediction skillsSimple circular shapes, as those found in eyes and faces, are fascinating for babiesBold, contrasting colours capture baby’s’ attention; clear outlines help with focus and improve concentrationGeometric shapes encourage babies to make connections with everyday objects in the environmentSize and scale of graphics are visually easy to exploreDeveloped with Leading Child Psychologist, Dr Amanda GummerThese range of colours, shapes and patterns of the Witty Doodle’s pictures and wall stickers are visually stimulating and will increase a child’s curiosity. This inquisitiveness will increase exposure to stronger stimuli that will promote quicker brain development, making children more likely to achieve milestones more quickly than average. This variety of visual stimuli will help children to retain their focus and develop strong neuronal connections. Dr Amanda GummerMaterials- Made from a fine-weave fabric that doesn’t stretch and doesn’t tearHigh-quality repositionable wall stickers: Child and nursery-friendly materials Zero damage to wall surfacesHigh quality fabric stickers NO nasty BPA or plastic Easy to apply: just peel and stickWon’t tear; won’t stretch Fully repositionable Safe to stick on wallpaperAge suitability:Suitable from birth +WARNING: Witty Doodle wall stickers are intended as wall decorations and not as toys. Please place your stickers out of reach of your baby or child, and ensure supervision when applying or rearranging them, as they could be a potential choking hazard. Underwater nursery wall decals feature colourful, friendly sea creatures.Scene covers wall space of approx. 130cm x 70cm. Wall coverage will vary according to arrangement.The submarine: 42cm x 41 cmThe whale: 27cm x 16cmThe jellyfish: 17cm x 27cmCompany description:Witty Doodle is the first & only stimulating nursery wall art specially designed to boost baby’s brain power and learning abilities. It’s been developed with a leading child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer and on the basis of research to engage growing minds and help their development. Witty Doodle’s bright and bold designs can particularly benefit children with special needs. As the research shows visual stimulation has the potential to greatly enhance cognitive abilities and quality of life for the learning-disabled children. About us: Witty Doodle is an exciting and dynamic company, founded by two mothers, Julia & Aggie, looking to inspire their young babies with nursery art that is playful, creative, stimulating and fun. Contrary to popular belief, they found in their research that soft pastels are not especially soothing, attractive or interesting to babies and toddlers, and therefore not suitable for developing growing minds. So they came up with the idea to create aesthetically pleasing products that would truly enhance their babies’ environment. With that innovative spark, Witty Doodle is a stimulating art for babies and toddlers.