Walltastic Graffiti 8 Panel Wall Mural


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Transform your room with this train-tastic Thomas the Tank Engine mural from Walltastic.Walltastic® murals are the next generation of interactive designer murals for children. This unique alternative to traditional children’s bedroom accessories is an affordable, easy and cost effective way of decorating children’s bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms and games rooms. Walltastic® offers a range of unique and highly detailed murals to choose from. This mural covers any wall area up to 8ft x 6ft 6″ and comes in 8 panels which means it is easily applicable and flexible according to how much space needs covering. Each panel measures 20 x 48″ and comes rolled up similar to wallpaper.This product includes a free All Purpose Wallpaper and Mural Adhesive. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to use Double Sided Mural Tape, this may be purchased separately.When you’re ready for a change, you can apply another Walltastic mural over the top of your existing one, or simply paint over.