Universal Changing Mat Bee Happy Suitable For All Ages


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Our beautiful Universal Changing Mat was designed to be suitable for every child or small adult who might need changing safely. We have realised that many children and small adults who may need changing at Services, Restaurants, the Beach, while Travelling, at Shopping Centres, and when out and about, often get changed on dirty floors due to the fact that the Baby Changing Facilities are inadequate. The Universal Changing Mat is also perfect for laying your child on after bathing so that they can safely lie on the mat ( without soaking the bed clothes ) while you take your time dressing and changing them. Benefits : The mat has been specifically designed to be padded and waterproof, so that its soft and comfortable, and easily wiped clean. It is designed to be long enough for any child or small adult. Padded for safety and comfort. Packs up like a picnic mat. Easy carry handle. Velcro Seal.