TP Toys Trampoline Accessory Pack


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Improve your trampoline experience with the TP Toys Trampoline Accessory Pack! This pack has everything you need for your TP Toys trampoline, including a ladder for ease of access, an ‘anchor down’ set to keep everything more stable and, of course, a waterproof cover to ensure the trampoline is ready for use when it’s needed. The ladder hooks in place on the frame of your trampoline, and the straps and anchor set help to make sure the trampoline doesn’t move around when in use and stays in position in your garden safely even during inclement weather.This set is compatible with all TP trampolines manufactured after 2012 and is NOT compatible with Vuly Trampolines.Easy to installMakes your trampoline safer and sturdierCover keeps your trampoline looking great