TP Toys Catcherball, Blue,Yellow


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Remember these? Those lazy days on the beach or in the back garden? The classic TP Toys Activo Catcherball set consists of 2 catching panels and a tennis style ball to help you relive those lovely memories with your children.The panels are brightly coloured for easy visibility and the ball sticks to each panel using a Velcro system. This is a great game for improving hand-eye coordination and can be played by anyone aged 3 and over- you just need to be able to throw a ball and catch it on the sticky panel.TP Toys provides exceptional play value and product quality. Their innovative product range includes trampolines, climbing frames, slides, swings and even Swingball- all traditional products designed in the UK by an in-house development team. The company has over 50 years of experience to help make your child’s playtime even more fun.Fun catching set Includes 2 panels and 1 ball Brightly coloured Helps to improve hand-eye coordination Suitable for age 3+