TP Toys Boules Set, Blue,Green,Red,Yellow


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The traditional French game of Boules is enjoyed by many people from across the continent, and now you too can play this pastime in your own garden. The TP Toys Boules Set is a fun and colourful set of Boules in a handy carry case so you can keep all the pieces together and transport them easily.The set consists of 8 balls of various colours and a smaller ‘Jack’. The first player throws the Jack and the subsequent players simply have to get their colour balls closest to the Jack to win. You can play this game in a pair or fours, so get your children and their friends and let’s have a lovely relaxing afternoon in the sunshine! One more thing you will need that sadly, we can’t supply, is an area to play this. A flat lawn, driveway or park will do the job.Brightly coloured Boules setA traditional pastime and good, gentle exerciseDevelops hand-eye coordinationMade from plasticIncludes carry case, 8 balls and 1 Jack