Tomy Swim ‘N’ Sing Turtle


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Make your child’s bathtime more fun with Tomy Swim ‘N’ Sing Turtle. This happy chappy loves to hum and gargle as he swims round and round the tub,If you wind up the turtle with the dial on his shell, his arms turn round and he swims and hums “blue danube” when he’s swimming on his back or if you flip him over so that he’s face down, he’ll gargle the same tune. So much good fun for toddlers, and would make an ideal companion for Tomy’s Splashy the penguin (sold separately).Colourful bath time toy from Tomy Swims when wound up Hums ‘blue danube” when swimming on his back, gargles the same tune if face down Suitable for ages 12 months and over Requires 3 x LR44 batteries (included)