Tomy See Under The Sea Submarine


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It’s time to down periscope and head off on an aquatic adventure with Captain Walrus and his little yellow submarine. The Tomy See Under The Sea Submarine is lots of bathtime fun for your budding sailor.Have a look in the portholes featuring cheeky creature shipmates and tip the submarine to see them light up. if you peep through the top you’ll be able to see colourful fish magically swimming in the bottom of your bath too! If you press down the periscope, and you’ll hear a selection of merry nautical sounds and tunes.Captain Walrus is an interesting character. As Captain, he shouldn’t abandon ship, but you can make him dive into the water by placing him in the launcher on top and flipping him out with a splash into the briny deep! And when he is out, you can use him to pour water over the propeller to see how fast it whizzes about. A great toy for hours of bathtime fun.Light up bath toy Plays 6 maritime sounds when periscope is pressed down Tip to light up, look through to see fish swimming in the water Launch the captain from the top of the submarine Captain doubles as a water pourer to make the propeller spin Requires 3 X AA batteries (included for display purposes only)