Tomy Pirate Ship Bath Toy


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Ahoy there m’hearties! Join Captain Jack and his little ship, complete with crows’ nest and dinghy in the Tomy Pirate Ship Bath Toy. You can spin the water wheel by pouring water on it and spray water from the cannon by pushing the lever.That naughty octopus is on the ship again spraying water! Quick, captain, get in the dinghy! The dinghy and captain figure are independent of the ship but included with the toy set. With this toy, you and your little one will have lots of swashbuckling adventures at bathtime and help to make your child gain confidence in the water and promote fun role play.Pirate ship bath toy Water wheel, water cannon and water squirting octopus for splashy fun! Captain Jack figure and dinghy included Supports imagination and confidence in the water