Tomy Fountain Rocket Bath Toy


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Have a laugh in the bath with the Tomy Fountain Rocket Toy. This robust little rocket turns any bath time into play time.Simply dip the colourful rocket underwater and watch it fill up, checking the level by looking through the porthole at the front and seeing what the cheeky stowaway starfish is up to because he’ll stay level with the water as it rises and empties.When your little one is ready, hold the fountain rocket up above water level and see how the water flows beautifully out in a dome shape. its great fun in the bath, the beach or in the pool as long as you don’t mind getting a little wet! It’s a novel way to get little ones to wet their hair or get used to a shower, or just even cool down on a hot day.Rocket bath toy Novel starfish water level indicator Water pours out over the ‘engine’ creating a dome-shaped flow Good fun for baths, pools and at the seaside