Tomy Do Re Mi Dolphins


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This colourful and musical toy helps make every bathtime fun! The Tomy Do-Re-Mi Dolphins are a delightful addition to baby’s bathtime.Let your child colour match the dolphins into their floating rings and link them together into a floating circle. The 10 dolphins then whistle a different note each when your little one presses down on their heads. They can learn to be creative with music and learn colour coordination at the same time. As the dolphins connect to one another, they can be arranged in sequence to make a lovely tune and play your own songs over again and again.Children can learn to play their first scales on these dolphins as they are numbered one to ten so when clicked together into order those little hands can compose. When the dolphins are removed from their rings they can be used as a water pourer. There are no batteries required as the dolphins’ work by being half immersed in water, which forces air out through the top of their heads, making them whistle the note.Set of 10 numbered colourful dolphinsPlace them in corresponding colour ring and pat on head to whistle a noteCan be attached to each other to arrange a tuneHelps develop colour recognition, creativity and countingNo batteries required