Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump


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Winner of The Mums Choice Best Breast Pump Brand Award 2015. Closer to Nature has been credited with revolutionising the way mums feed their babies, by making it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. The electric breast pump gives great results at the touch of a button and is really easy to assemble, use and sterilise. Neat and compact, portable and lightweight, with all the add-ons to make this a superb kit. The unique silicone cups gives maximum comfort to mum and is specially designed to mimic a baby’s natural feeding action. The natural choice for mums who want superior product performance from a breast pump that is easy, comfortable and convenient to use. The pump has 4 expression phases, light, low, medium and high. The light setting is recommended to promote milk let down. Easy to use. Includes a handy steriliser box. Free inside 1 x 150ml bottle, 1 milk storage pot and 6 disposable breast pads.