Tiny Love Woodland Take-Along Arch


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Tiny Love Sunny Stroll is a dual-stage foldable soft arch designed with basic patterns and colours to attract the baby’s attention. Featuring three colourful toys with rattling and crinkly textures and an apple mirror. With the help of the universal large clip for easy attachment to baby carriers, carrycot and pushchair. Once installed, it is flexible to bend forward and backward and angled towards baby.During the first three months, your baby needs visual stimuli to help develop eyesight. Position the My Nature Pals™ Stroll at an optimal distance (8-12 inches) from baby while in the stroller or infant carrierAs baby lies on their back from around 2 months facing the toys hanging within arm’s reach, baby can gaze in the apple-shaped mirror, play with the snail teether or gaze at the toys dangling in front of him.Baby’s developing senses and hand control allow him to reach out to the toys confidently, bat at the owl rattle, play peek-a-boo with crinkly leaf, hold the snail teether and pull them to his mouth for further exploration from 4 months.