Tiny Love Wind Chime Meadow Days – Isaac Bear


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Tiny Love presents the Tiny Love Wind Chimes with the Isaac Bear character design, keeping your baby entertained when out and about. Accompanying them on all their journeys and providing them with a sense of continuity.

Suitable from birth to 12 months (Approx), the fun and engaging character design uses a variety of bright and high-contrasting colours in a range of different fabrics and textures. Its unique features stimulate both baby’s fine motor skills and senses.

During the first three months, Isaac Bear will help to stimulate your baby’s vision and from 3 months onwards your little one will start to practice their hand-eye coordination, reaching out and touching the toy. Your baby will gradually learn to control their hands and to grab the toy deliberately causing it to swing, this will make a pleasing sound encouraging them to try time and time again.

Thanks to its universal clip, Isaac Bear can be attached to strollers, infant car seats,…