Tiny Love Tiny Smarts Jittering Jay (NEW 2018)


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Easy to grasp toy that encourages eye-hand coordination, motor skills and cause & effect learning. Suitable from birth. 0-4 Months: Attach the Jittering Jay to the Gymini® Activity Gym, Activi Tot Developmental Gym, or baby carriage so that your baby can see it, and at a distance that he can easily reach by stretching out his hand. Because babies cannot reach beyond their mid line, it is important to hang the toy on or towards the side. 4-10 Months: Let your baby hold the Jittering Jay so that she can explore it with her hands and mouth. Show your baby how to tug at the horse to make it jitter and so she can hear the intriguing sounds when she shakes it. Features An engaging, multi-sensory playing experience. Rich colors and textures encourage baby to reach out, grab and explore with his hand and mouth, stimulating his sense of hearin, vision and touch. Compact motor skills enhancers. Small enough to take anywhere, Tiny Smarts stimulate your baby to use her fingers and hands in a variety of ways. Attaches easily to the Tiny Love Play Gyms