Tiny Love Stroller Arch, Pink


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Playtime can continue even out of the house with the Tiny Love Stroller Activity Arch. With 6 different activities to keep them occupied, they will love going out in their pushchair.Builds fine motor skillsImproves your child’s hand-eye coordinationEngaging and fun to keep kids happyAll about meThe arch has universal attachment clips so it can attach to pushchairs, carrycots, infant carriers and more. The clever angle adjuster means you can tilt the toys towards your little one, allowing them to reach out and grab the toys. The rattling ball with crinkly textures stimulates your babies senses while the baby activated propeller addresses the development of baby’s fine motor skills. There are lots of different toys and activities to keep them occupied.When they are tiny (0-2 months) baby’s need to learn how to focus their gaze. The different colours will help them to distinguish different shapes. As they get a little older (2-5 months), they will start to see the colours and shapes much more clearly – as well as reaching out to try to touch the toys, so make sure they are in reach. After 5 months their hand-eye coordination has developed and they can play confidently with the toys and will have fun with all the sounds and textures.