Tiny Love Sound ‘n’ Sleep Projection Soother


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Help to lul your little one to sleep and to keep them asleep with the Tiny Love Sound ‘n’ Sleep Projection Soother. A cute hedgehog design from the Meadow Days Collection, there are lots of different functions including preprogrammed lullabies, a cry sensor and a built-in MP3 player.Portable, use anywhere!Timer to turn off automatically to save batteryMP3 player to play soothing music of your choiceSoft glow nightlight to aid sleepAll about mePlace Marie the Hedgehog near to your little one’s cot and turn on the nightlight to produce a calming light to help your little one sleep. There is also a starlight projector which displays a beautiful array of stars and moon on the wall or ceiling of your little one’s nursery.To soothe them to sleep there is a great variety of sounds and music to choose from. There is a setting for soothing white noise as well as 17 different lullaby tunes to choose from and if your little one has a preferred type of music or nursery rhyme they particularly like, then simply upload it to the inbuilt MP3 player. There is also a cry sensor, so if your little one stirs during the night, Marie the Hedgehog will turn on automatically and help your little one to get back to sleep without the need for you to comfort them – let’s face it, us parents need our sleep!!There is a rechargeable battery in the unit, this is changed by simply connecting the included USB cable to an appropriate plug. Don’t worry about the battery running out too quickly though as there is also an auto-off timer that can be set to 10, 30 or 60 mins – whichever suits you and your little one best.