Tiny Love Soothe ‘n’ Groove Tiny Princess Mobile Toy


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The Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile from Tiny Love is a fun cot side mobile that turns into a portable music box with night light with 18 tunes! As well as being fun and boasting friendly character toys, this mobile encourages key Developmental Wonders: Cognition The mobile’s cute Meadow Days characters appear and disappear above baby’s head. This creates a sort of peek-a-boo game that helps baby grasp the idea of object permanence. As baby grows and begins to press the music box’s various buttons, your little one learns about the wonders of cause (pressing a button) and effect (music and lights). Language & Communication As babies lie in their crib or bed, cooing at the mobile characters, smiling and practicing some baby talk, they hone their communication and language skills. Senses The smiling characters’ large eyes and the mobile’s slow motion along with the diverse musical selection stimulate baby’s sense of sight and sound. EQ The soothing music and steady movement create an atmosphere that calms babies and helps them through the process of going to sleep. Key features: Suitable from birth to approx. 12 months Endless choice of melodies – 18 different tunes in 6 music categories Grows with your baby – from mobile-crib to stand-alone portable music box Unique design with two high-quality speakers Calming night light and baby-activated button Enjoy as a traditional mobile with added musical value and variety Remove the mobile arm and leave the music box only when baby gets older Allow baby to enjoy carrying the stand-alone music box around once walking kicks in From birth to 3 months, you can play the unique white sounds option to your newborn baby,found through research to relax newborns as they remind them of sounds they had heard in the womb Once the time for mobiles is over at 5 months onwards, remove the arm and leave the music box only. Soon enough your baby will learn how to activate the music box by themselves Once baby starts walking, they will enjoy carrying the music box around with them and listening to its 18 different tunes! Please note: Requires 3 x C batteries (not included) Tiny Love┬« is an established international company and the winner of various global awards for their innovative and advanced range of toys. They continually work to come up with new developmental toys that stimulate your baby’s skills and sense, nurture and develop your relationship and help you enjoy your time together during those first exciting years. Their aim is to create products that would support baby’s development from birth through 24 months and offer smart solutions to parents’ changing needs. Their high quality products help parents not only to fulfil their role in baby’s life, but also to enjoy it.