Tiny Love Musical Stack & Ball Game – Elephant


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Tiny Love presents Musical Stack & Ball Game, a versatile dual-stage toy shaped as an elephant.

Suitable from the age of approx 6 to 24 months, the Tiny Love Musical Stack And Ball Game encourages the development of baby’s fine motor skills, senses, imagination, creativity and cognitive skills.

Your baby will enjoy playing with the balls, holding them in their hand and shaking them to hear the fun rattling sounds. Parents can remove the elephants head and let their baby play with the easy-go-grasps rings which they can stack on the narrow opening.

Once your child can sit independently, they will learn to drop the balls through the large opening into the base. They can see the ball falling and will be amused at their reappearance in the small tray, which they will just love closing and opening again.

From approx. 12 months, your child will be ready for the more advanced narrow ball game option. Remove the elephants head and let baby…