Tiny Love Into The Forest Mobile


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Stimulates baby’s visual and emotional cognition Supports EQ development through classical music Encourages language and communication skills Putting a brand new spin on development, the classic crib mobile meets cuteness with the Tiny Love Into the Forest mobile, with a wide range of features: Uniquely designed, this mobile engages baby with the black and white spirals that stimulate baby’s visual cognition 20 minutes of uninterrupted classical music help soothe baby when it’s time to sleep, supporting the development of EQ Mobile grows with baby, converting into a stand-alone music box when they outgrow the mobile The soft nightlight will help baby quietly and calmly drift off Baby-activated control button promotes your little one’s independence and inspires exploration Innovative 4-way mobile movement to attract baby’s gaze and develop their cognition, emotional growth and senses The mobile’s cute Into the Forest characters appear and disappear above baby’s head, creating a sort of peek-a-boo game that helps baby grasp the idea of object permanence. As baby grows and begins to press the music box independently, your little one learns about the wonders of cause (pressing a button) and effect (music and lights) The smiling characters’ big eyes and the spiral’s slow motion along with the relaxing classical tunes stimulate baby’s sense of sight and sound The soothing music, claming nightlight and steady movement create an atmosphere that calms babies and helps them go to sleep