Tiny Love Inspiral Swirling Ball, Green


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Not only bright and fun to look at the Tiny Love Inspiral Swirling Ball also builds on their important development skills while they are playing. Designed for little ones from the age of around 3 months they will giggle and burble with glee when they see it.Improves your child’s hand-eye coordinationBuilds fine motor skillsVivid colours for visual stimulationAll about meThe ball is easy for those little hands to grip, with a soft texture allowing your little one to experience different surfaces. The exterior ball is cut into a spiral design to make exploring it fun, and inside the spiral is a sliding rings game. The interior spiral provides a challenging puzzle for your little one to master, with coloured rings for them to slide up and down. On the top of the ball is a bead maze for their enjoyment too.While they are playing with the ball, they are building on their fine motor skills, their cognition and both their auditory and touch senses.