Tiny Love Crinkly Pals – Bunny, Blue,Green


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The Tiny Love Flip Cube is a double-sided peek-a-boo toy to keep your baby entertained when out and about. Playing peek-a-boo with your baby contributes to their understanding of the world. Object permanence develops through peek-a-boo games, which shows babies that the bunny is still there even if it is hidden from sight. The double-sided crinkly body of this Tiny Love Crinkly Squirrel features a colourful pattern on the outside and black and white images on the inside. It accompanies them on all their journeys and provides a sense of continuity.0-1 Months – Hold the Crinkly Pal at a distance of 10-12 inches from your baby and give her some time to try and focus on its features.1-3 Months – Let baby explore the toy and enjoy the crinkly feedback.3-6 Months – Use the peek-a-boo feature to play with your baby, hiding and then revealing the cute character toy. This will help baby slowly grasp the idea of object permanence.