Tiger Tribe My Diary


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Every child needs a special place to write down their thoughts and dreams, so give your little one the gift of secrecy with this superb Tiger Tribe My Diary. This lockable little book is the perfect place for your child to document their memories, aspirations, lists or any other ‘important’ information without prying eyes spying on their innermost.Keep all their secrets under lock and key!Robust design with hard coverCompact size to keep easily hiddenAll about meThe compact diary is a great size for hiding under your pillow- it’s 14.5 x 21.5cm so will fit nicely into a backpack or amongst other books, incognito-style on a bookshelf. Each diary has a hard cover and 120 colour pages with some illustrations to help inspire little imaginations. It’s a great way to encourage creative writing and the perfect way to start off a new year, but as the pages aren’t dated, you can start the diary from any date. The diary comes with a robust mini padlock and a set of keys (an extra one for emergencies in case the first one gets lost). It is suitable for children aged 3 or above.