The Little Green Sheep Natural Mattress


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The luxurious Little Green Sheep Natural Mattress is handmade from the best natural ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing that your little one will be sleeping safe and sound in a healthy environment away from chemicals.The mattress is made from soft cotton, grown without pesticides, useful for aiding breathability. It has a supportive inner core made from coconut fibres which act like thousands of tiny springs and therefore reducing pressure points. The coconut fibres are bound by a natural latex, derived from the Hevea tree, and acts as another comfortable, supportive layer. The fibres are surrounded by a layer of organic sheep’s wool, which is both hypo-allergenic and temperature regulating as well as comfortable and naturally fire-proofing, which removes the need for any chemical fire retardant spraying on the mattress.This mattress is handmade using only the best ingredients, providing firm support for your little one from birth, as recommended by industry experts. The breathable mattress is free from toxins and harmful chemicals but naturally anti-dust mite.Please note, the mattress will require a waterproof mattress protector (sold separately).Crib: 81 x 42cm Crib: 89 x 51cm Boori / Stokke Home cot: 70 x 132cm Boori Cot Bed: 77 x 132cm Bugaboo Bee 3 carrycot: 30 x 72cm Bugaboo Buffalo carrycot: 34.5 x 76cm Bugaboo Cameleon carrycot: 32 x 75cm Bugaboo Donkey carrycot: 30 x 76cm Chicco Next2Me Crib: 82 x 50cm Clair De Lune moses basket: 28 x 74cm iCandy Apple 2 carrycot: 30.5 x 74.5cm iCandy Cherry carrycot: 27 x 70cm iCandy Peach 1,2,3 / Terrain carrycot: 28.5 x 72cm iCandy Strawberry 1,2 carrycot: 28 x 71cm Joolz Day carrycot: 32 x 78cm Joolz Geo Carrycot: 33 x 82cm Junior mattress: 90 x 190cm, 90 x 200cm or 70 x 160cm Mamas & Papas 400 Twist cot bed: 69 x 139cm Mamas & Papas moses basket: 30 x 66.5cm Mothercare moses basket: 28 x 75cmSnüzPod crib: 36 x 80.5cm Standard crib: 38 x 89cm Stokke Sleepi Mini crib: 57 x 72cm Stokke Sleepi Twist cot: 68 x 122cm Twist cot: 60 x 120cm or 70 x 140cm Uppababy Vista / Cruz carrycot: 30 x 67.5cm