Teething Survival Kit for Mum and Baby


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A gorgeous necklace and bracelet that look great and are baby safe, toys for little gums and teeth to chomp on, and a handdesigned mug for the caffeine youll be needing after another sleepless night Ive been there so I know that these gorgeous, natural products help. A lot! You can choose from three gift set options: Little Nibble contains a gorgeous babyfriendly teething bracelet, teething bib, and a handmade bunny ear teething toy 15 MidChomp gives you a bracelet, My Friend Goo teething toy, dribble bib, and a This is Probably Cold mug 25 The Big Bite is the full package! A bracelet, necklace, bunny teething toy, My Friend Goo toy, dribble bib, and This is Probably Cold mug 47