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This Organic baby gift set for a new baby comprises of Bandana bib, Organic Teething ring, Teething saver drawstring bag and a complimentary pot of organic food grade beeswax to keep the wooden teething ring in shape. The bandana bib is made from a Blue Liberty lawn print fabric, the backing is a microfleece which is highly absorbent and will wick away any moisture your baby makes. It is suitable from 4 months . The bib fastens with a snap fastener (these vary and will either be plastic or metal I try to match colours if possible). The wooden teething ring is one of our best sellers, The ring itself is made from a Birch wood which is non splintering, The fabric part is also a sensory toy and has a crinkle noise when touched which babies will love as it keeps them entertained for hours while they are gnawing on the ring. We recommend checking the ring regularly for any damage, The ring itself can be sanded down, washed in warm water and left to air dry, to restore the luster of the ring rub a small amount of the organic beeswax polish provided onto it and buff to a shine. The beeswax is made from organic food grade beeswax and a mix of natural oils Please note we do not use Walnut oil in our products due to certain allergies. The set also comes with a small drawstring saver bag to use whilst out which will ensure the ring stays clean and dry in the pram or handbag. All this comes ready to give as a gift in a 8 square gift box.