Teething necklace, gummy beads Mum and baby jewellery, yellow necklace


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Teething mum/ baby necklace Gummy beads necklace The hexagon beads used on each necklace are approx 2cm wide and are made from food grade silicone. Each necklace has coordinated colour satin cord approx 80cm although each length is slightly different due to the size of the knots separating the beads. It can be made to any desirable length. The cord is soft, strong and durable and is joined with a plastic breakaway clasp, so if pulled (fairly firmly!) it will eventually open. To clean simply wash in warm soapy water! Its soft rubber texture proves it to be an ideal aid for chewing, sore gums and teething. Cool in the refrigerator for added teething pain relief. It is easily cleaned with soap water. Heat resistant silicone does not support the growth of mold or bacteria. If you need any more information/ different colours please dont hesitate to contact me.