Taf Toys Musical Newborn Nest & Gym


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Treat your baby to this 4-in-1 musical nest and gym by Taf Toys. This high quality, thickly padded nest is completely adaptable for different stages of your baby’s growth. Features include moveable and detachable arches complete with 4 multi-sensory toys, alongside drawstring edges that can be released to create a full size mat, or drawn up to create a nest-like comforting and cosy environment. The edges of the nest are also great for using during tummy time. The 4 multi-sensory toys feature rattling Prince the Penguin (with high contrast side and coloured side). Chime Bell Star the Seal with added teether (with high contrast side and coloured side). Rainbow Baby-Safe Mirror (with high contrast side and coloured side). Musical pull-ring toy with colourful lights and Velcro strap.