Stickerscape Woodland Friends Branch Wall Sticker


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This woodland branch wall sticker set comes complete with a little squirrel family, and would make an ideal feature for a baby’s nursery, child’s bedroom or playroom. It’s been designed to coordinate perfectly with the rest of Stickerscape’s ‘Woodland Friends’ range of wall stickers, so you can easily combine this wall sticker with other woodland wall sticker packs to create the perfect ‘mural style’ scene for your little one’s room. Why not try positioning the end of the branch into a corner of a room, or behind curtains or a wardrobe, so that it looks like the branch is really growing out into the room?All the animals in Stickerscape’s ‘Woodland Friends’ wall sticker range have been designed by the wonderfully talented Dutch illustrator Anita Stargardt. Her timeless illustrations are ideal for both girls and boys, and this wall sticker range has the potential to work for your family right from the baby through the toddler years and beyond.Stickerscape’s wall stickers are made in the UK from the highest quality, ultra-thin removable vinyl. Each sticker can be quickly and easily applied to walls, doors, windows or any other smooth flat surface, with full application instructions included. The wall stickers are also easily and cleanly removable from painted walls (please note that Stickerscape’s wall stickers are designed to work most effectively on normal matt painted walls).Sticker Set Size (approximately):Whole design (as shown) – 100cm wide x 47cm high Largest squirrel – 19cm wide x 24cm high