Stickerscape Illustrated Animal Alphabet Wall Sticker Set – Regular Size


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This gorgeous animal alphabet wall sticker set would be the perfect addition to any baby’s nursery, child’s bedroom or playroom. Designed by talented Dutch illustrator Anita Stargardt and made by Stickerscape, the timeless illustrations are ideal for both girls and boys, plus this wall sticker set has the potential to work for your family right from the baby through the toddler years and beyond. The regular sized design includes letters with coordinating animal illustrations, and with the large sized design you also get each animal name in sticker lettering too (as well as everything else being larger of course!).Stickerscape’s wall stickers are made in the UK from the highest quality, ultra-thin removable vinyl. Each sticker can be quickly and easily applied to walls, doors, windows or any other smooth flat surface, with full application instructions included.This design is made up of several separate stickers (to give the best finished effect on the wall), but the complete design is supplied ready-to-use on transfer paper, so that application is fast and simple. Having separate stickers also gives you the flexibility to get creative with the application process and arrange the stickers differently to the design shown, if this fits your space better. The wall stickers are also easily and cleanly removable from painted walls (please note that wall stickers are designed to work most effectively on normal matt painted walls).Sticker Sizes (approximately):Regular sticker set: Whole design (as shown) – approximately 52cm wide x 62cm high. Individual letters are approximately 5cm high. Largest animal sticker (the giraffe) is approximately 7 x 15cm.