Stickerscape Fairy Height Chart Wall Sticker


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This pretty fairy princess height chart wall sticker would be perfect for the little princess in your life! Against a gorgeous princess tower backdrop, measure her height and see how she’s grown. Comes with over 35 additional wall stickers (including flowers, butterflies and a fairy) for you to arrange exactly how you would like, so that you can create the perfect fairy princess design for your room.Also included with the height chart are 10 coordinating wall sticker stars (approximately 4 cm across, and supplied as 5 of each colour) that you can use to record your child’s height over time. Since you can write on these stickers with any normal permanent pen, you can also customise them yourself as you use them (e.g. ‘Emily’s 2nd birthday, 3 June 2015’, ‘Ava’s first day at preschool, 6 November 2015’).This height chart design coordinates perfectly with the rest of Stickerscape’s super girly Fairy Princess range, so you can mix and match the designs you love best to get the perfect combination for your space. All wall stickers are supplied in kit form (i.e. the height scale, flowers, butterflies and fairies are all separate stickers) to allow for plenty of flexibility over the finished design, and full application guidelines are included.Stickerscape’s wall stickers are made in the UK from the highest quality, ultra-thin vinyl. The stickers are easily and cleanly removable from normal painted walls (note that wall stickers are designed to work most effectively on normal matt emulsion painted walls).As pictured, the whole fairy princess tower height chart measures approximately 45 x 165 cm (including height scale), with the tower sticker measuring approximately 13 x 118 cm, the largest butterfly sticker approximately 2.5 x 3.5 cm, and the fairy sticker approximately 7.5 x 9 cm.