Star Dust: Colour your bath water


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A super cool powder that changes the colour of water. Teach your child about colour combinations by adding a teaspoon of 1 or 2 colours of each powder into the bath and watch the amazement on their faces, as your status changes from Grownup in Charge to Magician of the Universe (cue fireworks!) Well bath time in our house is no longer considered complete until the water changes colour. Our Star dust colour your bath range is produced in the three primary colours to allow the infusion of two to create secondary colours. The joy about this product is that your kids can now learn about primary and secondary colours themselves, and which combinations create which. We have seen such development with children and this product that it has even extended to colouring in exercises. Instead of simply using a green pencil when colouring they are starting to colour in blue and adding the yellow after. This is amazing development for 56 year olds, as many of our mums have giggled saying they didnt even remember the secondary colour mixing themselves until they refreshed their memories. A great game is to use two vessels with water and colour in them, and get the kids to pour them once in the bath and to watch the colour changing. Or even having all three colours mixed in water bottles and letting them mix them into clear cups to create all 6 colours of red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple… and finally with them all in the water together…. a murky brown… in our house this is a favourite… its like bathing in chocolate apparently! TEACHERS this is a fantastic product to keep in the classroom for EYFS colour mixing. Share it with your colleagues and schools. Container size: 100ml FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL PURCHASES OVER 35