Sophie la Girafe Baby Protection Cream 50ml


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A rich protective cream for the face and the body, say goodbye to separate diaper & outdoor creams! Suitable from birth this cream is easy to apply, comfortable to use and leaves a protective layer on your babies skin. It prevents moisture evaporation, skin irritation underneath nappies and protects the skin from damage caused by UV rays, wind and temperature changes. The Sophie la Girafe is also suitable for use as an outdoor crea, protecting the nappy area from moisture and irritation. The selection of safe organic ingredients pampers your child’s skin: White Tea fortifies the skin and provides antioxidant protection. Karanja Oil offers natural UV skin protection. Macadamia Wax and Shea Butter form a protective yet permeable layer on the skin. Titanium Dioxide forms a protective and soothing, yet breathable film on the skin. Squalene strengthens the skin’s protection. Aloe Vera and lavender Water soothe the skin.Thyme and Tea Tree Extract, both antiseptic ingredients, help to prevent and to relieve inflammation.