Sleepytot Bunny Comforter Large Blue


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Sleepytot Bunny Comforter Large Blue. AWARD WINNING COMFORTER FROM SLEEPYTOT So cute! These lovely Sleepytot Comforters come in different sizes, colours and types, and whichever you go for you won't be disappointed. So soft and cuddly with little velcro paws that can hold onto dummies, soothers and teethers- a great way to help your little one find their dummy easily in the middle of the night without fully waking! What's so special about the Sleepycot comforter? Well, in addition to being able to hold onto dummies in day or night, the little paws can hang onto cot bars so can soothe your baby right from birth as they become for familiar with people and objects, and not just cot bars either; car seats, buggy straps, changing bags- this comforter can go with you and baby wherever you travel to and as it hangs on, it won't get lost! The comforter can be used as a soft pillow for hard surfaces like changing tables when you're out and about, or even shopping trolleys. And as your baby grows and no longer needs a dummy, having the familiar comforter about will make it easier to give up. Plus, your comforter is washable at 30°c for when it gets grubby- but be quick before your little one notices! The Bunny comforter is available in large or small, in pink, blue, beige or grey The Lamb comforter is available in large or small in beige only. Please pick your required size and colour from the drop-down box to the top right. Cute bunny or lamb comforter in different sizes and colours Can be attached to dummies, soothers, teethers Velcro paws to attach to cots, car seats, prams and more Soft and cuddle little pal for your little one Safe to use from birth