Shnuggle Wishy Bath Toy, White


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They say that when you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true. Well, we can’t promise that, but we do know that the Shnuggle Wishy Bath Toy is a star-shaped bath toy that lights up on contact with water, helping to make your child’s bathtime more fun!Gentle light to promote relaxationScoop and pour design encourages developmentChild safe for your peace of mindAll about meThe Wishy toy is the perfect toy for your curious little bather. It’s specially designed for tiny hands to pull apart and explore, with a soft texture which aids sensory development and helps support hand-eye coordination in those early months. The Wishy lights up with a gentle yellow glow when its sensors touch water, giving your little one a feeling of warmth and relaxation, great for use before bedtime. The 3 parts can be used to scoop water, pour and connect back together again, helping your little one interact with the soft star-shaped toy and helping to create a sensory bathtime.The Wishy is made from BPA free, PAH-free plastic and can float on the water. You don’t have to use it in a bath either- it will work just as well in a paddling pool or in a water table. The battery is designed to last more than 30,000 cycles of 20 seconds each (more than a years play) but cannot be replaced as it is sealed to prevent any risk of swallowing. The soft light is tested for use with babies and won’t hurt those sensitive eyes, so the toy is suitable for use from birth. Holes in the Wishy are there to let water drizzle out so that it won’t get mouldy like some bath toys can.