Shnuggle Washy Rinsing Jug, Grey,White


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Another clever design to help make bathtime a happy time, the Shnuggle Washy Rinsing Jug is baby-friendly, featuring a soft rim around the edge to gently rest against the contour of your little one’s head, directing water away from their eyes.Contoured shape helps to keep water out of eyesHandle hooks onto bath for convenienceMake bath time into a happy timeAll about meMost children love to splash about in water but can become upset if they get water in their eyes. The Washy jug is designed to minimise that upset, keeping your child happier for longer. The cool design of the soft spout diverts water away when you’re rinsing that shampoo away, and the soft-feel handle is comfortable for you to hold. The handle has another purpose too- you can use it to hook onto the side of your baby bath when not in use so it’s harder to misplace. A flat base means it can rest on other surfaces too. The Jug is suitable for use from birth and is made from BPA-free plastic. The Washy jug holds 350ml of water and is an excellent addition to the Shnuggle bathing rang, which includes the brilliant Shnuggle Baby Bath and Wishy Bath Toy (both sold separately).