Set of Babybols Bowls


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The Babymoov Babybols XXL set contains 12 different sized bowls, perfect for getting baby to try out different flavours and make preparing baby’s meals nice and easy.These Babybols are perfect for storing all baby’s meals. Keep them in the fridge or freezer and then heat them up in the microwave when you need them. This handy set of air-tight bowls comes with 3 specially designed ergonomic spoons, making them ideal for baby’s meals on the go.Features of Babymoov Babybols Meal Set:XXL set contains:: – 3 x 120ml bowls, 3 x 180ml bowls, 6 x 250ml bowls and 3 soft spoons- Clear bowls with portion control markings and a rewritable surface so you won’t forget what’s in them.- Screw-on lid for an air-tight seal.- Freezer and microwave safe.- 100% hygienic- can be sterilised.- Easy care: dishwasher-safe.- Made from polypropyleneAs trust is the must-have factor when it comes to choosing baby equipment, Babymoov is committed to offering safe, high quality products, all of which are certified by independent laboratories. Babymoov’s lifetime warranty* on all its products vouches for this!*Lifetime warranty subject to terms and conditions: