Scuttle Bug Ride On Toy, Black,Red


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Such fun! The Scuttlebug is a unique 3 wheeled ride-on toy which is super fun to ride! The Scramblebug is pushed along under your little one’s own power which helps them develop pushing and steering skills, essential skills that will help them when they eventually switch to a bike or trike!The fun design really looks the part, it’s bright and enticing for a little one but also lightweight and portable, the easy folding mechanism makes it perfect for travel and storage when it’s not being ridden. The wheels are coated to allow a quiet ride whether indoors or out, and they won’t scratch your floorboards or tiles either.It’s a really stable and fun toy- the handlebars move left and right to steer, making it a delight to ride! This super bug does not require assembly but when removed from its box, you simply have to fold the legs down and the handlebars up and it’s ready to roll!3 wheeled ride-on toyClean, high-tech stylingSuitable for children aged 1-3 years Foldaway portable design Maximum user weight 20kg