Sassy Grasp and Jitter Guy


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Sassy Baby Products create innovative toys with purpose and an aim to help developing tots as they begin to explore the world around them. Working with child development experts have helped the brand create high quality products that develop all aspects of baby’s senses through sound, touch, sight, smell and taste.With 25 years of experience under their belt, Sassy create trusted toys that not only infants love, but parents too. Safety comes first and the brand use non-toxic plastic without paint.The Grasp & Jitter Guy comes complete with a repositionable strap meaning you can have fun on-the-go! The floppy arms and legs encourage reaching, grasping and transferring from one hand to the other whilst pulling down and watching the Jitter Guy teaches cause and effect! Rattle, crinkle, squeak and chime sounds awaken baby’s auditory senses. This is the perfect toy to play with a parent to encourage bonding and tactile differentiation. The contrasting colours, specifically black and white, stimulate baby’s developing vision and the gentle rattle sound will encourage baby to turn towards the sound. Using this toy, baby begins to learn about: Sound location Cause and effectTactile differentiation Colours Features & BenefitsMultiple textures offer variety to touchHigh-contrast colours help develop visual skillsRe-positionable strap for on-the-go fun! Soft structure, perfect for baby’s environment