SALE IMPERFECT Nursing Necklace, Baby Safe Breastfeeding Necklace, Monkey Mama Twiddle Buster Monochrome Black and White, Grey, Gray


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Please note that this listing is for a slight seconds quality necklace, on sale at 40% off for a limited time. These slight seconds are made from the stash I keep for creating my own personal necklaces. As you can appreciate, I am walking advertisement for my brand, so I can assure you that these necklaces still look great and do not have glaring flaws. Typical blemishes include pin prick marks, tiny scratches or small bubbles in the resin. Thanks! Nursing breastfeeding necklace. This listing is for the necklace shown in the first picture. The other images show alternative styles available in my shop. Please note that your necklace will not be identical to the one pictured due to the handmade nature of the resin beads. Each purple freeform loop/ring has its own unique organic shape, which will make your necklace slightly different than, but equally as gorgeous as the one pictured. This necklace is reminiscent of a pregnant woman. It would make a beautiful shower gift as the new mama can use it through pregnancy and throughout her nursing phase, and as long as little hands remain grabby. The necklace is secured with sliding knots, so the length is adjustable up to approx 25 inches. The pendant drop is a little less than 2.5. I like to wear these necklaces shorter for general wear and babywearing, and adjust to full length for nursing. The beads can be twiddled and twisted by little fingers great for occupying nurslings and sling riders. Please note that as the beads used to create Monkey Mama necklaces are handmade, your necklace may vary very slightly from the one pictured, but will be equally as beautiful. Monkey Mama necklaces are made with beautiful, fairly traded and non toxic handmade resin beads. I use strong cotton thong and secure knots to create beautiful grown up, safe jewellery that is perfect for wearing whilst caring for babies and toddlers. The necklaces are designed with nursing and babywearing mothers in mind. They are attractive to little ones, twiddlable and safe. This pendant design is one of my special twiddle busters. Anyone that has nursed past infancy will be all too familiar with those twiddly little fingers! My twiddle busters are on a perfect scale to fit in little hands and allow them to spin the beads. These necklaces were created by me out of necessity and are the only things my toddler will happily twiddle instead of me nursing in public is so much easier now. Whilst you can be confident that your little one will not be ingesting any nasties should they mouth a Monkey Mama Necklace, these are not created as teethers and should not be used as such. The necklaces are not toys and babies and toddlers should never be left unsupervised with one. Read more about Monkey Necklaces and find more designs here: Like Monkey Mama Necklaces on facebook for early access to new designs, promotional codes and giveaways: