Reusable Breast Pads cotton jersey Butterflies and Vines regular size washable and reusable


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Washable bamboo breast pads made from sweet butterfly printed jersey, organic bamboo velour and bamboo fleece. Reusable breastpads are an ecofriendly and luxurious alternative to disposable breastpads! These are made from: one layer of premium cotton printed jersey core layer of bamboo fleece a layer of silky undyed bamboo velour They are approx 10cm/4 inches across, and other sizes are available on request. Overlocked edges mean they will hold up after many washes! Bamboo fabrics are much more absorbent than cotton fabric, and they are breathable and very soft next to the skin. Velour is a fast absorber, but wont dry out your skin, although either side can go next to your skin. Bamboo is also more sustainable than cotton as it needs less water and pesticides during production. These can be washed at up to 60 degrees, please do not use fabric conditioner as it will reduce the absorbency of the fabric. If you are using cloth nappies, just chuck them in with the nappy wash ­čÖé They can be tumble dried too.