Prince Lionheart BACK TO SLEEP Slumber Bear-Pale Pink


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We find ourselves in awe of this little bear and are inspired by the paw prints he has left on this world for nearly 40 years? We?ve witnessed hysterical babies fall asleep within seconds when comforted by the authentic womb sounds. We’ve sent replacement bears, sound boxes, and SILKIEs by same day courier so frantic parents do not have to endure a night without ?Mr. Bear.? Grateful parents have credited our bear with saving their Baby?s life while struggling in the NICU. Features: Invented by a doctor and effectively used in hospitals and homes to lull babies to sleep or calm them when fussy Plays authentic womb sounds recorded from inside a mother’s womb 5 minute playback with standby mode allows automatic reactivation when Baby cries or bear is moved Removable sound box can attach to crib rails, strollers, carseats and more